Chef Joel MAYS


   Joel E Mays III, born in Washington DC; raised by Joel and Cynthia Mays along with his big sister Alexis Fields. Joel found a passion for cooking at an early age while watching his grandmothers in New York and Detroit. He Learned each unique style that they created dishes with. Around middle school,  Joel fell even in more in love with cooking while working with his Uncle Earl and Father at several catering events and parties. From serving drinks, all the way to running stations. In high school Joel played football, baseball and wrestled. Each sport landed him great collegiate opportunities that he was tempted by. Despite his college sports opportunities, his love of food prevailed. Joel enrolled at Johnson & Wales University, in Providence Rhode Island at seventeen and started his journey to become an amazing chef. Each class taught him something new, from the basics of cooking, all the way to the advanced courses that most chefs wouldn't even attempt to take. After his sophomore year, he received his associates degree in Culinary Arts, then pursued his bachelors in Food Marketing. After graduation, Joel enlisted in the United States Army as a 92G (Foodservice Specialist). He Traveled to foreign lands and tasted foods and spices that helped mold his culinary skills. His commitment to his country and to his craft, took him far beyond the streets of Washington DC. After his time in the service, Joel worked in senior living homes, corporate dining and family style restaurants. His passion wanted him to step out as an entrepreneur and create his own style of cooking, which is American Fusion. Joel has Created dishes for NFL clients, business professionals and families. Being a personal chef gave him a sense of ownership that he always loved. So when he was asked to join the Fit Republic team as a chef ambassador; he jumped at the chance. Cooking is life and the rest are details. Thank you for meeting our chef Joel E Mays III.


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